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“Tomotake” is the brand name of the project where the dyeing artist Masahiro Tomotake and the designer Hiroko Tomotake are making things together.

We make products dying cloth and embroidering. We love to see those pieces of cloth changing into various things, and blend into various landscapes.

Tomotake’s mud dyeing and embroidery

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Tomotake's mud dyeing and embroidery

Tomotake's mud dyeing began in 1990’s when Masahiro was studying dyeing at Tokyo University of the Arts. Inspired by traditional techniques of mud dyeing in Africa and Amami Oshima Island, He experimented graffiti dyeing on cloth using rice field mud.


For the under-dyeing, tannin extracted from gobuko (gall on the nurde tree) is used, and iron-soaked mud is used to rub the mud with your fingers, and the tannin reacts with the iron in the mud. will be dyed black.

For bottoming he uses tannin extracted from gallnut . He applies iron-containing mud on it with fingers, then tannin reacts to the iron in the mud and it gets dyed black.

We have been exploring methods of expression by trial and error. Depending on the motif , Masahiro draws with fingers, uses molds to make it look sharp, or trying to apply shades, or Hiroko embroiders with color threads.

The color of the cloth dyed with tannin extracted from gallnut transforms into caramel brown over time. The part which is dyed black with iron is changed from bluish charcoal to gentle brown.

Since it is hand dyed and hand embroidery , each product is never the same in terms of the color deepness and the arrangement of the patterns.

We would be pleased if you find your favorite one and use it for a long time while enjoying the color change.

Tomotake's mud dyeing and embroidery



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